Content of learning

The new curriculum has now received full approval from the GMC, we are pleased to share the latest draft of our curriculum document. This covers all aspects of the new curriculum, as required by our regulator, but we have extracted information about the content of learning and the new learning outcomes here. We are also planning to develop a ‘handbook’ to the new curriculum, in due course.

You can download a copy of the 2021 ACCS curriculum here.

The new curriculum contains 11 ACCS Learning Outcomes (ACCS LOs) that describe the standard that doctors must attain in order to complete the two-year ACCS curriculum. Doctors in training are required to demonstrate achievement of both the generic professional and specialty-specific learning outcomes throughout this training period.
ACCS LOs comprise a number of Key ACCS Capabilities that must be demonstrated in order to attain each learning outcome.
A series of Descriptors underpins each ACCS LO.  These describe the appropriate behaviour, knowledge, and skills to evidence and support the demonstration of the key capabilities.  It is not necessary to cover all descriptors in order to attain an LO or demonstrate a key capability.
Each ACCS LO also gives a list of suggested types of Evidence to inform decisions; this is not intended to be an exhaustive list, nor a list of minimum requirements.
After completing the two-year ACCS curriculum, doctors in training will then proceed to undertake training in their parent specialty. Details of these curricula and training programmes can be found on the respective College websites:
Please note that Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) does not have its own core training programme at this present time; however, you can find information about the new ICM curriculum on the FICM website.