Acute Internal Medicine for all ACCS trainees


Welcome to the Acute Internal Medicine section of the ACCS Website.

During the two years of the ACCS programme you will spend six months in Acute Internal Medicine. This ideally should all be in a dedicated Acute Medical Unit, but it is recognised that models of care vary across the UK and this may not be possible in all Trusts. During this time  trainees should attend local acute medical teaching and education sessions, and regional training (eg CMT teaching) where possible.

Acute Internal Medicine: Curriculum and assessment requirements for ACCS

During the Acute Internal Medicine module of ACCS trainees should cover a range of presentations and areas of the syllabus.

  • Common Competencies: some of these competencies that should be acquired throughout a doctor’s training may best be assessed during the Acute Internal Medicine attachment. For ACCS trainees, competence to at least level 2 descriptors will be expected prior to progression into further specialty training.
  • Major presentations: 2 formative assessments (Mini-CEX or CbD) covering two of the six major presentations are to be completed during the Acute Internal Medicine section of ACCS.
    • Acute presentations: a minimum of 10 x formative assessments (mini-CEX, CbD, ACAT) covering a range of the acute presentations should be completed; it is recommended that an additional 8-10 of the remaining acute presentations are best covered in this period using ACATs, e-learning, reflective entries, teaching and audit.
  • Practical procedures: 5 x DOPs covering 5 of the 44 listed practical procedures not covered elsewhere.
  • Minimum number of assessments per 6 months: 3 Mini-CEX, 5 DOPs, 3 CbDs, 3 ACATs plus 1 MSF.

Assessment forms and further information can be found here.