ACCS Acute Internal Medicine trainees


ACCS training for those with a parent specialty of Acute Internal Medicine is a three year training programme with the third year worked in a number of medical specialties, in order to gain equivalent experience to trainees in the Core Medical Training (CMT) programme. On completion of 3 years of ACCS training, trainees will be eligible for appointment to a higher training programme in a JRCPTB medical specialty, leading to a certificate of completion of training (CCT) and a consultant appointment.


ACCS trainees with Acute Internal Medicine as a parent specialty will be expected to use the JRCPTB e-portfolio. This web-based portfolio will provide a record of progress through training and the acquisition of competencies, based on the relevant curricula. The e-portfolio includes facilities for direct recording of workplace based assessments, records of appraisal and ARCP outcomes. Access to the e-portfolio is organised on a deanery level and further details can be found on the JRCPTB website.

By the end of the third (CT3) year trainees will need to have demonstrated the acquisition of competencies in the CMT curriculum that are not part of the ACCS curriculum. Trainees should refer to the guidance for ACCS-AM CT3 year and the CMT ARCP decision aid on the JRCPTB website. These will be documented on the CMT curriculum, which will be added to your e-portfolio.


AIM trainees will normally be expected to have completed MRCP 1 before entering CT3 and to have passed MRCP2 & PACES by the end of CT3.  Acquisition of MRCP (UK) is required prior to entry to ST3 in a medical specialty. Please see the MRCP website for further details.