ACCS Anaesthesia trainees


All ACCS Anaesthesia trainees should register with the RCoA as soon as they obtain a training post, and should select on the registration form that they are an ACCS trainee. Forms are available on the website here

On completion of the first two years of ACCS training, trainees will join the anaesthesia programme at  an appropriate point in CT3. Uncoupling and fixed entry dates for ST3 will mean that most trainees will undertake the entire CT3 year in Anaesthetics.

Trainees are not eligible for appointment to ST3 anaesthetics until they have obtained the Core Level Training Certificate, i.e. have achieved all the core competencies for anaesthetics and ICM and passed the primary FRCA. ACCS trainees must undertake a minimum of 18 months training in anaesthetics by the end of their completed ACCS three year training.

If a trainee does more than 3 months ICM in ACCS, the second three months of ICM does not contribute to intermediate levels of competence because trainees will not have the wider experience that underpins intermediate level assessment standards.


Trainees moving from ACCS training will not be required to have passed the FRCA Primary MCQ assessment of knowledge before entering CT3 anaesthesia but are required to have passed the Primary MCQ before applying for ST3 Anaesthesia. The entire primary examination (MCQ's, SOE & OSCE) is required by the date of interview for ST3 Anaesthesia training posts. See RCoA website for further information.