ACCS Emergency Medicine trainees


Emergency Medicine is unique in that all prospective trainees will complete training through ACCS Emergency Medicine for their first two years of training. All trainees in ACCS will spend six months in Emergency Medicine during their ACCS training.

ACCS trainees with Emergency Medicine as their parent specialty will complete a third year of training at ST3 level in Emergency Medicine (with a focus on trauma) and Paediatric Emergency Medicine before being required to successfully complete the RCEM Intermediate Certificate (equivalent to the current MCEM) and moving into Higher Specialty Training.  Most EM trainees are now on run through training and so will not need to compete for ST4 posts.

Emergency Medicine e-Portfolio

Details regarding applying for the e-portfolio for emergency medicine trainees are available from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) website.

Emergency Medicine Exams

See the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) website for more information.

EM trainees will normally be expected to have completed MCEM Part A before entering the ST3 year and must pass MCEM B and C or the new equivalent Intermediate Certificate by the end of CT3.

In addition, trainees will be expected to complete the three life support courses – ALS, ATLS, and APLS (or equivalent) and to have undertaken level 3 safeguarding children training before ST4.

In 2015 a new EM curriculum and assessment process was introduced which EM trainees should follow from their ST3 year.