Examinations of knowledge are one of several summative assessment methods used within the programme, e.g. the MRCP Part 1 Examination for Acute Internal Medicine, the FRCA Primary MCQ Examination for Anaesthesia and MCEM for Emergency Medicine. The syllabi for these examinations of basic level knowledge are contained in the individual specialty CCT programmes.

Acute Medicine Exams

ACCS-AM trainees will normally be expected to have completed MRCP(UK) Part 1 by the end of CT2 and to have passed MRCP(UK) Part 2 & PACES by the end of CT3. Failure to achieve Part 1 by the end of CT2 should lead to an ARCP outcome 2, while failure to achieve full MRCP by the end of CT3 will normally result in an outcome 3 (Inadequate progress - additional training time required), if all other aspects of progress are satisfactory. Full MRCP is required for completion of the ACCS-AM programme and for entry to higher training in a medical specialty.

See the MRCP website for up to date information.

Anaesthesia Examinations

Trainees moving from the initial two years of ACCS training will not be required to have passed the FRCA Primary MCQ assessment of knowledge before entering the CT3 anaesthetics year but are required to have acquired the entire primary examination (MCQ's, SOE & OSCE) by the date of interview for ST3 Anaesthesia training posts.

The RCoA has issued advice on examinations:

'25% of ACCS (Anaesthesia) trainees will not start their anaesthetic module until the final 6 months of the 2-year ACCS course and therefore are not obtaining the Initial Assessment of Competence in Anaesthesia (IAC) until 22 months into their 2 year ACCS training. This could limit the opportunities such trainees have to sit the Primary FRCA Examinations. To address the problem Council has agreed to allow any registered trainee to apply to sit the Primary FRCA MCQ Examination as soon as they start an approved training post in Anaesthesia or ACCS. This replaces the previous regulation that a trainee must have passed the IAC before applying to sit the MCQ Examination. However, College Tutors are strongly recommended to advise their trainees not to attempt the MCQ before they have obtained their IAC.'

For further guidance on examinations, please see the RCoA Examination pages.

Emergency Medicine Exams

See the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) website for more information.

EM trainees will normally be expected to have completed MCEM Part A before entering the CT3 year and must pass MCEM B and C by the end of CT3.

In addition, trainees will be expected to complete the three life support courses – ALS, ATLS, and APLS before ST4.