ACCS Portfolios

All ACCS trainees must keep a portfolio of evidence to support their progression through ACCS training and completion of competencies at ARCP. Where possible all ACCS trainees should use their parent specialty's e-portfolio and assessments for documenting their progress.
Where this is not possible, for example the Anaesthetic IAC for non-Anaesthesia trainees or EM/AM modules for Anaesthesia trainees, trainees are encouraged to use paper forms which can be scanned in and uploaded to the parent e-portfolio. Note that forms should be used that relate to the placement the assessment is taking place in and not to the parent specialty of the trainee. Examples of work place based assessment forms can be found in appendix A5 of the 2012 Curriculum.

Acute Internal Medicine trainees

Please use the Acute Internal Medicine e-Portfolio accessed via the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) website.

Emergency Medicine trainees

Please use the Emergency Medicine e-Portfolio accessed via the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) website.

Anaesthesia trainees

Please use the  Lifelong Learning platform (LLp)accessed via the Royal College of Anaesthetists website.
Assessors from beyond anaesthetics:
Supervisors and assessors from Acute Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) can be added onto the system for the purpose of assessing ACCS anaesthetists-in-training.  If you are not an anaesthetist and would like to be added onto the system, please complete and return a copy of the access form and send itto
LLp updated
The RCoA has now updated the Lifelong Learning platform to include all general and ICM practical procedures; please note that in the case of general practcal procedures, a Completion of Unit of Training (CUT) form is not necessary as there is only one assessment required.  Please note that this means that these elements will not turn green; however, the assessments will be understood to have been completed.
If you have any other queries or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the RCoA Training Department: email or call 020 7092 1556.