ARCP 2020: COVID-19


COVID-19 and Trainee Progression in 2020


ICACCST Advice ARCP 2020 re COVID-19

In line with guidance from the GMC and Statutory Education Bodies (SEBs) the ICACCST has produced advice for ACCS trainees' ARCPs in 2020. This has been done in consultation with the SEBs and parent Colleges/Faculty in order to ensure consistency. The guidance is intended for ACCS Leads and Heads of School and can be found here.

This guidance should be used to direct the approach to, and delivery of, ARCPs for ACCS CT1/ST1 and CT2/ST2 trainees this year for all three parent specialties. The narrative on pages 1-6 sets out the context and details the requirements for each aspect of the process. The decision tables on pages 7 and 8 summarise the exact requirements in terms of the documents to be reviewed, expected coverage of curricular competences and outcomes to be awarded.

The committee has also produced new 2020 ARCP Checklists for trainees and supervisors. These are derived from the Advice document above and apply to all ACCS placements for all ACCS CT1/ST1 and CT2/ST2 trainees from August 2019 onwards until further notice. These can be found here for CT1/ST1 and here for CT2/ST2.